When There's Good to be Done - Christy Harding's story

A little over one year ago, a Florida woman woke up in the recovery room at Fairview Riverside Hospital in Minneapolis.  She’d just had her kidney removed. A team quickly transported it across the Mississippi River, to Children’s Hospital. A…

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Lester Schrenk - Survived WWII German Death March

The year was 1942, and Lester Schrenk's parents didn't want him to enlist. They lived on a farm in Long Prairie, and Les was 19 years old. Nevertheless, he went ahead and joined the Army-Airforce (all one branch of the…

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Harvey Ronglien's story - "State Schooler"

The grant year started January 1, and I hit the ground running. The first interview I did was with Harvey Ronglien, in Owatonna, Minnesota.  

In 2010, Curtis and I did a concert at the Owatonna Arts Center. It's a beautiful…

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