1. Karmic Closet
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Loretta Simonet - words and music, vocals, guitar
Curtis Teague - vocals, guitar, shaker
Sandy Njoes - bass fiddle
Tom Schaefer - fiddle


Gotta clean out my karmic closet
Then do good deeds for a deposit
Throw out things I don’t wanna wear
Old baggage piled up everywhere
I’m gonna have to say a prayer
‘Cause oh Lord, it’s a mess in there

I got words hangin’ from a day when
I met a car in the intersection
We were there at a four way stop
But he took my turn, did not stop
Oh the words I used that day
They still make myself blush today.

I can walk in where cobwebs still hide
The things I wanted that were not mine
My friend got her a brand new car
When she became a great big star
But I’d hardly feel jealous at all
Oh if Carnegie Hall would call

Oh there’s lots of guilt in that closet
The folks I should have called but did not
Late night binges on chocolate and
The times I did not take a stand
And I forgot my dog outside
In the rain, the whole night one time

Oh when I get things organized there
And sweep it out, let in some fresh air
Walk the neighbor’s dog a few times
Then pay for someone else in line
Well then I’ll polish up your shoes
Oh I swear I’ll pay all my dues