1. Lift the World

From the recording Lift the World

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By Loretta Simonet ©2022 BMI

What peace, when the world is lifted off our shoulders.

Loretta - vocals, folk harp
Curtis - vocals, mandocello
Tom Schaefer - fiddle


All my gold may slip away
And my karma come to pay
I might just wake up someday
And see the bit part that I play
But when the day is all through
Nothing more that I can do
One thing I have learned is true
I turn, and there it’s always you

You lift the world from my shoulders
Spin it gently, turn it over
You set it down, out of the way
Just like a dream, the world fades away
Just like a dream, the world fades away

I may travel near and far
Sail the seas to Zanzibar
I might just walk out the door
And be content in my backyard
But when the miles are said and done
When the races are all run
I meet you in the setting sun
And from there, we walk as one

Trials may come to torment me
Break right in without a key
They may all demand to be
My eternal destiny
But when the worries and the cares
Get too much for me to bear
You look each one in the eyes
Just like that, you cut them down to size