1. Corona

From the recording Lift the World

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By Loretta Simonet ©2022 BMI

Silver linings even in the darkest night.

Loretta - vocals, harp
Curtis - vocals, mandocello
Sera Smolen - bowed cello


A daughter said goodbye one night
To silence on the phone
“I love you Mom, I always will,”
Then the nurse came back on
“I’m so sorry she is gone,
I know it’s hard for you.
But she would not have wanted you,
To catch this virus too.”

Oh Corona could you be
A blessing and a curse?
What a heavy price we paid
To the reaper and his hearse
May we not forget the lesson
We learned here on this earth
May we open up our eyes
And see what should come first

Just a tiny particle
With spikes in its crown
It shook the people to the core
And shut the world right down
We all stayed home to stop the spread
We found our loved ones there
The world slowed and gave the gift
Of so much time to share

The hospitals filled to the brim
As fevered ones poured in
When doctors could do nothing more
Machines breathed for them
But we had time to teach our kids
And learn how smart they are
Folks sat on their porch and waved
Then distance was not far