From the recording Lift the World

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By Loretta Simonet ©2022 BMI

Seize the day - every day!

Loretta - vocals, guitar
Curtis - vocals, lead guitar
Sandy Njoes - bass fiddle
Tom Schaefer - fiddle


I s’pose I shoulda tried to
Be a doctor or a nurse
A pilot or attorney
Just to fatten up my purse
I s’pose I shoulda listened
When my mom said be a nun
But shoulda coulda woulda
Wouldn’t get my songs sung

Shoulda coulda woulda
Never works for me
It’s just a riptide
That pulls you out to sea
Fogs up your looking glass
Until you see
Shoulda coulda woulda
Was never meant to be

I coulda gone to China
Or I coulda gone to Spain
I coulda bought a lighthouse
On an island off of Maine
I coulda lived in Paris
Or the mountains of Peru
But shoulda coulda woulda
Wouldn’t get me here with you

I woulda walked with Gandhi
By the Ganges but he’s gone
I woulda been a dancer
But my feet are just too wrong
I woulda climbed up Everest
If I wasn’t scared of heights
But shoulda woulda coulda
Wouldn’t bring me here tonight