1. Get A Hound

From the recording Lift the World

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By Curtis Teague ©2022 BMI

I’ve always felt a little sorry for those who don’t have a dog…Curtis

Curtis - vocals, ukulele
Loretta - vocals, kazoo, shakers
Sandy Njoes - bass fiddle
Lulu, Amigo, Bix, Frida,
Baxter, Bella - barks
Maple - meow


If you’ll be staying home for about two years
With all your kids or all alone
Quick get yourself to the shelter or a store
And bring a dog back home
I feel sorry for those that don’t have one
Or maybe even two
For everyone alive deserves true love
Even politicians do

Love at first sight, unconditional love
Companions brave and true
Buddies for life with a waggly tail
Loyal and true blue

Maybe you can’t see or hear or taste
Or have no sense of smell
Your dog can help you with these things
Then save you when you fall into that well
Or maybe you need a security guard
A nurse when you fall ill
A psychiatrist there beside your own couch
And your dog will not send you a bill

It’s 3 am, you’ve staggered back home
You sneak in through the back door of your house
There you are met with a great big happy kiss
A dog is not your spouse
Dogs can be trained to sit and shake and fetch
And never go inside the house
To lift the lid before they hike their leg
A dog is not your spouse

There’s Dachshunds and Dalmatians, Chihuahuas and Great Danes
Scooby Doo, Pluto, and Snoopy
There are Bulldogs for Churchill, and Corgis for the Queen
And a lucky mongrel mutt that looks like me
From hundreds of breeds you can select
Mongrels, mutts or mix
The ladies cry out “Cute,” when you take walks in the park
The dogs can really help you pick up sticks

There’s a Lassie and a Benji and a Rin Tin Tin
Waiting for you at the pound
At the animal shelter or a good pet store
Go get yourself a hound

Go get yourself a hound
Go get yourself a hound
Go (Arf, arf, arf) —Get (Woof, woof, woof)
A hound