We are excited to be on the premiere show of this brand new virtual concert series, presented by Minnesota Music Coalition. It's Sunday, Feb 21, from Noon till 2 pm. There are four featured acts, and we're the final one up, from 1:30 pm till 2 pm. (THIS IS CENTRAL TIME!) Click here to join this free show, on youtube.

Here's the whole line up - 12:-00 pm - Gray Beat; 12:30pm - Root River Jam; 1pm - Leslie Rich, 1:30pm; Curtis & Loretta



A big thank you to our friend Phil Nusbaum for interviewing us, for this piece that's a sneak preview of the four virtual shows we've got coming up next week. Just click here to listen (it's about 8 minutes long).

 Click here for all the info on our upcoming livestreams.

Hi to Everyone, from our Quarantine Home in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

We sincerely hope you are all doing well, and staying safe during this strange new world we are sharing. Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, all our concerts have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Our lives, like so many people's, are on hold indefinitely. These are strange times such as we've never seen before, but we are lifted up by all the acts of kindness we see everyday, as people reach out to help others through this. Stay safe and healthy, stay home if you can, and we'll see you as soon as we can!! 

We are working on new music here at home, and want to share this video we made a few days ago. Loretta wrote this.

May we all help to "Lift the World." 


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The Critics Say...

"Loretta's almost operatic alto and Curtis' rich tenor form a lush, polished and varied vocal blend. The pair's instrumental interplay is equally compelling, with Loretta's harp textures dancing in and around Curtis' deft guitar and mandolin lines."                          ... Dirty Linen

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