Peter Razor has passed on from this Earth

We are so saddened to announce that our dear friend, Peter Razor, has passed on from this Earth. We first met him when we were working on our "When There's Good to Be Done," recording, in 2015. He was a native American man who grew up at the State School Orphanage in Owatonna, MN. It was an abusive upbringing, with no love. But as a teenager he worked on the farm of Pat and Lee Klug in Caledonia, Minnesota, and they helped him "turn his life around." He said they were the first kind people he had ever met, and he decided he wanted to be like them. He went on to receive 3 Bronze Stars in Korea, raise a fine family, and work as an electrician for many years. After retiring, he wrote his memoir, "While the Locust Slept," which won the Minnesota Book Award in 2002. 

We interviewed him in 2015, and wrote the song "Where the North Wind Blows," about his life. He died at the age of 93. Click here for the link to his obituary. Click here to listen to the song. Scroll down a bit to the song, then click on the little arrow next to it to listen.

RIP Peter. We will remember you always. From such a rough upbringing, you became an upstanding, kind, considerate, intelligent, forgiving and insightful human being. We are honored to have shared in your life on this Earth.

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