CD release concerts this weekend!!!

Finally, the big days are almost here! Saturday Nov 21 at 2 pm at the Owatonna Arts Center in Owatonna, Minnesota, and Sunday, Nov 22 at 7:30 pm at the Cedar in Minneapolis. We have been working diligently toward the CD release concerts since January 1 !!! First, I interviewed each person, then I wrote their song, then I got back together with them to "polish the edges," then we learned the songs, came up with arrangements for them, recorded them. And now, we get to present these songs to the world! Many of the people about whom I wrote will be at the concerts to greet the audience. 

Here's where to get all the details about the concerts.

Here's where to read all about the amazing people I wrote songs about, for the CD, "When There's Good to Be Done." You can also listen to sound samples of each song.

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