Lester Schrenk's documentary on TV again!

"Mortal Enemies," the documentary about WWII POW Lester Schrenk will be shown again on Minnesota Public Television July 19 and July 26!  I've written a song about Lester's story of enduring 2 POW camps and the German Death March. My song, titled "I Will Get Home," will be on our upcoming CD to be realeased in November. The song is NOT part of this documentary. The program was made in 2012 by Denmark Television. It deals particularly with Lester seeking out and meeting the German pilot who shot him down in 1944. He has forgiven him, and they are good friends now. This documentary captures the moment of their meeting each other for the first time, in 2012. And if you didn't read the Pioneer Press' front page article about Lester on Memorial Day weekend, here's the link.


Here's the schedule for "Mortal Enemies"

tpt MN - The Minnesota Channel
Showing statewide on all 6 PBS stations in Minnesota
Channel 2.2 by antenna in the Twin Cities; check listing for local cable
Sun Jul 19th @ 9:30 pm
Sun Jul 26th @ 3:30 am
Sun Jul 26th @ 9:30 am
Sun Jul 26th @ 3:30 pm



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