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We're still on the West Coast, hanging out with friends in Portland for a few days. Last weekend we got a really nice in-depth article in "The Columbian," the Vancouver, Washington newspaper. It previewed our concert at Old Liberty Theater in nearby Ridgefield for September 24, with lots of information about our newest CD, "When There's Good to Be Done."  A lot of people must have read that article, because the house was packed. It's a vintage 1940s movie theater that has been converted into a music venue by owners Don and Erleen Griswold. There's a state of the art sound system and lights, plus a coffee shop out in the front, which is open daily. 

Here's the link to the article. Next stop is Corvallis, OR, on Friday. Sunday we'll be in Santa Cruz, doing a radio show and a concert. The next weekend it's Nevada City and Sacramento, then we head east over the mountains, back to Minnesota.



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